TEC (Tentsile Experience Camp) Grelsböle


Tentsile accommodation in the best way to enjoy the peace of nature.

Spend the day in Grelsböle's Tentsilemäki surrounding area or enjoy the peace of nature. The night is spent in a tent which is attached to trees. Tentsilemäki has a Laavu (open wilderness hut), campfire with campfire coffeepan, barbecue, wood for fire, campfire equipments, eco toilet, a common sitting area in the tree, marked nature trail, a map from the area, dartboard and Mölkky (a fun Finnish game).

Additional services:Gourmet food, Idyllic 50's style seaside sauna rental, Kayak rentals (2 hobby shoes), Self-service Kiosk, Small Farm Museum

more information and reservations : https://johku.com/ecocampgrelsbole/en_US/catalog/


In Grelsböle Lovenest you will spend a memorable wedding night by floating in the tree and enjoy a gourmet dinner next by the sea. Lovenest Tentsile is just a few steps from the sea, with spectacular views of the sea and the bridge leading to the island of Kemiö.

Packet includes eco-toilet, grill place with barbeque, shelter, canister of water and inflatable mattresses. There is a small dock where you can take a swim in the sea. Lovenest welcomes couples with a drink (non-alcoholic) and a delicious meal. Breakfast is a tasty cold breakfast and it will be delivered to Lovenest by 9am. You can enjoy breakfast at any time you want.

The Lovenest is not recommended for people with weak condition or fear of heights.

more information and reservations:  https://johku.com/ecocampgrelsbole/en_US/catalog/#!/1

 Amok xl hammock accommodation

Amok Draumr xl is a new generation of spacious hammock for those seeking comfort. It is also suitable for large person, with a maximum length of 210 cm and a weight of 180 kg. Amok Eguipment is a wooden accommodation developed by Norwegian engineers who are specialiced in outdoor activities. The word Draumr comes from the old Norwegian language and means Dream. Cover tent protects from the rain so you can enjoy sleeping in the hammock even in the rain. This is the dream for those who are seeking a comfort outdoor experience. Sleeping in hammock is transversely, unlike in traditional hammock and it can be set to a sitting position with adjustable hoops. There is also a bottle holder in the hammock.

Accommodation includes a hammock, mosquito net and hanging equipment, sleeping mat and cover tent.

more information and reservations: https://johku.com/ecocampgrelsbole/en_US/catalog/#!/16

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